Reflection On Managing A Value Chain

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1. Critical Reflective Essay – Managing the Value Chain

1.1 Overview

In real life application, it is difficult to understand certain things unless one has really studied and undergone them. The managing the value chain in the business world is working on the same principe. The knowledge of a value chain is not an easy task. Therefore the appropriate education about the topic throughout this online subject was focused on developing my knowledge while gaining a wonderful experience. Being a postgraduate student completing an MBA for me managing a value chain was a challenging learning environment to find and try effective principles and aspects of management I learnt in my other subjects. The teaching guidance and my learning offered me
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As the subject progressed and through reading resources available in the course as well as through my personal research I was guided to ask myself a question how can I change business inputs into business outputs in a way of creating a higher value in comparison to the value when creating the outputs? I tried to look at a matter of elementary importance to organisations which addressees the economic logic behind the existence of the organisation. Conventional essential instruments for decision making, such as SWOT or PESTEL analysis reflected its importance in the same concept yet different dimension when considering global perspectives. This is a valid statement, taking into consideration the increasing power of globalisation and therefore the conventional decision making behaviour of business professionals would not be adequate to overcome the challenges arising for businesses in world of globalisation. Managing the value chain has increased my awareness of its importance because when positioning myself into the role of the business manager I need to understand that the more value an organisation creates, the more profitable it is likely to be. Furthermore, when I would be able to provide more value to my customers, I will build competitive advantage through critical …show more content…
The positioning of all learning events of this online subject from the perspective of practical approach and competence will encourage and support my work preparedness. This reflects my ability to accept and develop global business leadership by adapting to disparate cultures and comprehending the global risk. Moreover, as a potential business professional operating in a dynamic environment with transformational capabilities I would be able to promote integrated approach in value chain implementation while linking this performance to organisational success. I believe that the skills and knowledge I gained in managing the value chain online lecturing will positively contribute towards obtaining

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