Assessment Reflection

As a long-time educator, there are several areas of education where I am confident in my abilities, yet, there are other areas where I do not have the same level of assurance. Assessment and evaluation is an area where I will build my tool box for future use as a school administrator and this week has helped me build that knowledge base, to ensure that I am able to lead other educators in a school setting. Often my perception of assessment and evaluation has revolved around the testing that happens for RtI, SPED, or STAAR in the school setting. One of the most important ideas I left this week of class with, is the idea that assessments are a part of a viable curriculum, and if they are not, they are useless pieces of data. Quality …show more content…
Assessments and evaluations are an important part of the education culture we work in. As an administrator, my teachers will follow my lead to develop a culture learning, only when they see that I am willing to put a priority on what we are teaching and evaluating in the classrooms. Throughout this week, the importance of what we do as educators has been reiterated and the classroom learning, through group projects, research paper, and disaggregating data has helped prepare me for the challenges. Life-long learners develop through growing, adapting, and increasing in knowledge. This class has helped me to grow, through learning to develop a research paper and use data for specific purposes. As I have worked with my cohorts on projects and learn the different forms for assessment and evaluation, I have adapted my thinking in areas such as RtI, curriculum development, working with staff, the importance of interventions, and the developing of teachers through staff development. My knowledge of assessments and evaluations has developed throughout this class through the lectures, presentations, research, and group work. The knowledge gained in this class will be used daily in my work as a teacher and eventual administrator and I am looking forward to seeing the knowledge in action during the internship

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