Social Psychology In The Workplace

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Reflection Paper Psychology can affect almost any line of work you plan to enter. It can help you to make difficult business decisions, increase the productivity of your staff, and even help build co-worker relationships and teamwork. The field of engineering often includes a vast amount of teamwork. Throughout a project you may need to work with a few different teams that all contribute one larger goal. In engineering if you cannot work well with a team you may not succeed, so psychology is very useful to learn how to be more efficient and even just deal with problems that may arise in any team situation. It is probably best to know about emotions and how to deal with them, social psychology, and thinking. Emotion can be a huge distraction to your work when in a group. If you let them get the best of you; you won’t be able to contribute to the team. One emotion that everyone has and will have to deal with is anger. Anger can be hard to control and also be very destructive to a team. When we are angry we may say or do awful things that only break down a group; so an extremely valuable skill is to know how to control your anger. One classic way that people attempt to rid themselves of their anger is through “venting.” Venting is not usually a good choice of controlling …show more content…
Self-presentation is especially important in interviews and when you must present a model to a director. Often times in job interviews, especially for a first job, people try to be a person that they aren’t. they try to change their self- image to look good. There is nothing wrong with trying to make yourself look good, until you start changing who you are. Don’t try to be someone else. If you do you may not meet the expectations after you are hired and you may not be a right fit for the job. The best way to boost your self-image, is to be confident, dress well, and don’t try to be someone

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