Essay on Reflection On A Self Contained Special Education Teacher

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Reflection Paper Lesson One As a self-contained special education teacher, my classroom reflection lessons, involves 10 students (7 boys & 2 girls). Students’ exceptionality are 2-Autism, 2- Moderate, 1- Behavior/Mild-Moderate, and 5-Mild Moderate. Students are on four different grade levels, ranging from Pre-K to 3rd grade. This month, Unit Topic: Natural Disasters, weekly chapter, hurricanes. Students were given a Kahoot learning base Natural Disaster Pre-test before the unit begins, to see how much they knew about natural disasters. Students scored over 50% of correct answers. To start the lesson off, students watch a short video clip about Hurricane Katrina. After the video, I discussed the video with my students. One of the questions I asked my students was, how many of them remembered Hurricane Katrina or Rita and can they described how they felt during this time. (Discussion, connect with students’ lives)
Afterwards, students gather around in a circle for story reading, “Simon Watches a Hurricane”. I orally read the story first, and then had students to take turns and read a page each from the storybook. This allows for student engagement and teacher assessment in the given lesson. At the end of the story, comprehension question are provided, students are paired up in groups, differently each week by names, colors, tallest, shortest, and weekly class leaders. After that, students go to their folder and pick their ten weekly spelling words, which consist of hurricane…

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