An Example Of Poetry Reflective Essay

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When I’m writing a poem, I often have a concept or mood that is my goal to express to the reader. Often I begin by thinking of a line that I want to stick out within the poem, and once I have written a line that fits what I’m attempting to convey, I begin to flesh out the poem around that line. I continue writing until I feel as if I have enough there to express what I mean. I usually do not continue working on that poem until I revise it. My worry is making a poem too long, too wordy, or having it divert too much from the point I want, so as a result, I often end a poem early. Personally, I prefer short poems to longer ones because I feel like it is more engaging as a reader to not have a poem that is a hundred stanzas long before you. As a writer, I find it a nice challenge to keep a piece short because you suddenly must be more selective to what you wish to include. With the poems I included in the portfolio, the majority of the revisions I made were just trying to expand upon what I originally did. The first poem, “In Leavy Park”, was the poem I chose to radically revise. I wanted to play with the structure …show more content…
Poetry has never been something that I’ve been incredibly interested in, likely because of the circumstances I encountered it in. As a result, I have a hard time finding a lot of motivation to write poetry. Something that the craft experiments in this class has done is that it has given me a set of boundaries to work within when writing. This helps me focus and gives me a reason to write something. I find that when I have written, I am able to set clear goals of what I wish to accomplish within a poem. These rules may concern structure, line length, rhyme, or more, and assist in creating clear boundaries in the same way that the craft experiments did. I’ve found that when I’m writing, having rules, even arbitrary ones, helps keep me on

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