Reflection Of The Fivee Model In The Classroom

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This past semester I have learned so much about teaching science. I was not familiar with the 5E Model and this semester gave me a deep and expanding understanding of it. Specifically, I had the most trouble with the “Expand” component of the 5E Model. However, with the help of my teacher and classmate’s guidance and advice, I have been able to push my learning and understanding further. I have also learned a lot about the classroom management needed in a science classroom to successfully complete a lesson or unit.
Before this semester, I looked at science as a very set subject. However, through CI 449, I have learned that much of science is inquiry based. The students should drive my lesson planning and where the class goes in lessons. This was a very difficult concept for me to understand and apply at the beginning. However, as the semester progressed, I realized I needed to be open to student directed learning. Even though I still struggled with this, I feel as though I am in the process of becoming a better inquiry based educator.
Teaching science is teaching students about the world around them. It’s also about providing educational activities and experiments to students so they may draw conclusions for themselves. I’m not there to give them answers, I am there directing and assisting students so students are put in a place where they
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Inquiry based learning is also part of this approach. You want students to be exploring and asking questions throughout each lesson. This is important because hearing and being told answers is one thing, but students who find these answers on their own are involved in a priceless form of learning. When a student explores and comes to conclusions by themself, it’s a unique and personal form of learning, which will inspire and captivate the student. Above all else, the student is the most important part in teaching science being taught in the elementary

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