Reflection On Minority Report

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Danica R. Manabat
ABM 12-E
Minority Report Reflection Paper

Minority Report is one intriguing movie that piqued my interest and left me thinking. The movie presents a new style of law enforcement of the police division called ‘Precrime’ is set in the future in the year 2054. The concept of precrime stimulates the idea of our future being predetermined for the reason that they seemingly arrest individuals who they have only predicted will commit murder in the near future. Through the use of the three precogs’ gift, they are able to foresee all the murders that will happen that enables the police unit to prevent it. They arrest the individuals they call ‘would-be murderers’ and isolate them from the society. However, are the individuals they
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It suggests that since precogs could actually predict the murder that will happen in the future, then the murderer has no ability to make his own decision whether to murder or not. In regards with determinism, the murder will happen as predicted and the murderer is not free at all to change it. That is why the precrime officers still arrest the accused murderers even if they have prevented it from happening already; because they believe that it will still happen eventually even if not prevented. In a scene from the movie, Danny Witwer, the one conducting an audit of precrime division, said that “We arrest individuals who have broken no law.”, then John responded “but they will.” It was followed by John’s demonstration when he rolled a ball to the workstation and Danny caught it before it fell onto the ground. John told Danny that his prevention of the ball from falling to the ground did not prevent the future that was going to happen, for it would have fallen if not caught by Danny. I do not agree with the context implied by John as I do not agree that the future cannot be changed and regardless of the individual’s effort, one cannot make an alternate future. I also do not support their belief in the pre-crime system since I find it unreasonable and unfair to arrest someone who has not done any crime. No one should be arrested for a future that has not happened yet. The future is not definite and thus, …show more content…
I believe that each human being is gifted with the freedom to make its own choices and decisions. The life we are living right now is not predetermined as we have the capability to think and act differently depending upon the situation presented to us. We have the ability to decide for ourselves and these are caused by our reasons. We have different reasons and these reasons are the causes of our choices. If someone’s future is definite then it means that the person is not responsible for what will happen, but future is. We are not then accountable for all our past and present actions and its consequences for our actions since the future has been determined already even before we are born; thus, we are merely just puppets or robots in this world of ours, without any power to change what lies beyond

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