Larry Whitson's Life Analysis

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It is sometimes overlooked how everything in life slowly forms you into your own individual person. According to Erikson’s theory, there are eight major stages of development. During each stage there is a “unique developmental task” that needs to be unfolded before being able to continue with a healthy development. I was questioning whether or not being raised with so many siblings if that would aid your development or hinder it. Through this life course interview I was lucky to get some insight into my father’s life growing up and how he developed throughout his life. My father, Larry Whitson, has been in my life since day one. In the past 21 years, I have seen him go through many ups and downs and the many roles he’s had to play in my life. I sat down and talked to my father and asked him several questions. I focused my questions around his middle and late childhood and his adolescent years; I wanted to know what it was like for him to grow up with so many siblings and how …show more content…
He told me that he was the closest with his mother, but he was also close with his father. I asked him who his role model was growing up and he said “hands down my mom.” He told me she was woman that was full of love for everyone. She had twelve children and never stopped to take a moment and be selfish and to do something for her. She always had breakfast, lunch, and dinner made; after meals she also made sure all the dishes were cleaned and ready for the next meal. He told me that after dinner the kids would then start their homework and his mother would help them all. My father said that even though she was constantly busy maintaining a household for seven she never complained. His mother taught him to honor and respect his elders and to always say please and thank you. His father taught him to work every day and to give life all that you

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