Cultural Differences Between Elementary And High School

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Everyone has attended different schools for prior knowledge of how the world works or how it is created. Likewise, I was not a very bright student with experience throughout elementary, and I had a rough time to learn. However, it never stopped me from wanting to learn more education on my own time. Nevertheless, I began to understand and dedicated myself to working twice as hard as the students in high student. Therefore, the differences between elementary and high school has given me the choice to continue on my education. Not everyone at the same pace, we all have the worst or best experiences of education based on the teachers’ performance. Correspondingly, elementary school was supposed to prepare you with experiences about life. However, …show more content…
High school life was very diverse with all kinds of students, and everyone has their own styles to learning and thinking. I was not a very unique student, and I was quite a boring person because I never really had the interest to interacting with people. My life during elementary has given me a little trauma to talking with people. I was bullied which was wither verbally or physical, and I had tried to commit suicide which was only a thought. When I grew older, I got use to their nonsense and ignored their existence. Even though I had no friends to complain to, but I had my notebook of sketches. I would always draw from time to time to escape from reality, but I couldn’t completely take my problems away. Furthermore, high school was based in group work, and it was terrifying to pull myself together to working. However, they were nice and kind people sharing their ideas, and they were consider with my existence. I slowly started to open myself to everyone, and my world started to expand bigger and bigger. I started to learn the ways how people think and act upon certain things. I was happy with the people I had class with, and I even made friends. They helped me with things I didn’t understand, and I help them with what I understand. The teachers were considerate with their students, and some of the teachers would treat their students as their own children. Certainly, …show more content…
They didn’t want me to choose a job that is highly to guarantee to have a dreadful path in the future. I loved to filming/editing videos, graphic designing, photography, and drawing, but I don’t know what else I could do that isn’t in the art field. I was very interest in going to Columbia College Chicago, but I didn’t go because those can be learned in the future. That’s why I’m focusing in getting my degree for computer sciences because my older sister said it’s pretty fun that I could even do. It’s not because my sister said it is fun that I want to learn computer science. It’s because I have an interest in technology, and how they function with codes. I came to Harold Washington College because I know I’m not as brilliant or geniuses as my older siblings. I didn’t want to waste money on an expensive college, and that I didn’t have the confidences to apply for university because I believe I still lack on my education. When I was taking my compass test, I didn’t take it seriously because I was nervous to getting into college. I ended up having remedial classes, but it helped my learn more about some of things I never noticed. My professor talked about language barriers, and I have some trouble with language as well. English wasn’t my first language, and I know like three other languages which was a little hard for to speak sometimes. It was interesting what the

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