Purpose Over Popularity: A Bible Study

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had nightmares last weekend about this devotion, thinking that I would walk into the staff room and have to do devotions unprepared…that is actually a frequent bad dream of mine. But really do teachers ever have nothing to say…..don’t worry I prepared for this one. The week before last at bible study we did a study called purpose over popularity in a series called I choose and when we had finished I thought that is it, that is what I am going to do for devotions, I will play this sermon and it will be awesome and then Ladine also spoke about purpose and so I thought Lord thank you for this kind of easy way out…..I will introduce the guy and he will speak for me. Then yesterday Desmond spoke about ALTARing your Ego and church and God said I …show more content…
To me that indicates failure. I am also often insecure in my ability and fear before a situation has even unfolded. I can also have a very offend able heart and am sometimes too sensitive. But this all stems from selfish pride and not from God and this why I need to altar my ego. My eyes should be fixed on Jesus and not on people, people have also disappointed me in the past and the thought has gone through my mind, do I want to be associated with these so called Christian people? But this is not my purpose or who I need to …show more content…
So we often find ourselves find ourselves comparing ourselves to others and setting the bar at what others think which is not necessary:
It is amazing how patient God is with us, let’ look at Peter.
A few days before Jesus had the Passover meal with His disciples and we are told that he said to them that when the shepherd is strike the sheep will scatter. Peter very emphatically told Jesus that he would not leave him and die with him if he had to, but he denied Jesus three times in His deepest need. That for Peter, when he realised what had happened must have made him feel like to biggest disappointment of all.
In John it says when they had finished eating Jesus said to Simon Peter and Simon Son of John do you love me more than these? Yes Lord he said you know that I love you. Jesus said feed my lambs.
Again Jesus asked Simon son of John do you love me, He answered yes Lord you know that I love you. Jesus said take care of my sheep.
The third time he said to him simon son of John do you love me? Peter was hurt because Jesus asked him the third time do you love me and he said Lord you know that I love you, Jesus said feed my

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