Reflection Essay: Missing A Day Of School

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Missing a day of school was something as a student I never enjoyed. I actually enjoyed school and being in school.As a student, I was not the brightest in the class, but I always worked hard and tried my hardest. Homework would pretty much always save my life, as I was and still am a terrible test taker. I would always complete my assignments and would rarely have a missing assignment. I always trusted my teachers and would always give them full respect. My family is full of different generations of teachers. Honestly, I was pretty nervous when I was in elementary school that if I misbehaved someone in my family would find out. I loved the interaction I had with all my teachers. I was shy and nervous at first, but once they got to know me I …show more content…
The process sometimes of intaking information as a student would take longer than other students, especially in Math. I hope my patience will increase even more as I will empathize for the students that struggle in certain subject areas. I hope this will also create an urge to construct a learning environment for every type of student. For instance, I struggled at taking quizzes and test, so reconstructing a different method of taking a test for different students is going to be an easy determination. In elementary school, I was friendly with everyone, but showed off my weird personality to my closest friends or teachers. I hope to be the “weird” male teacher that all the students respect and want as a teacher. Identical to elementary school, as I cared about school, but I also enjoyed it and knew when to have fun. As I cared about grades and my social interaction with adults and other peers. I hope my fun personality and passion about school will influence me to be the teacher I aspire to be. But, most importantly I hope my teaching style will intrigue students to learn and will fascinate parents or other peers in the

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