Personal Narrative: My Experience At Yale Horizon Education

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During this summer vacation, I was fortunate to practice in Beijing Boundless Learning of Education Science and Technology Development Center internship, which is a newly established English training institution. My major is English, and I want to be an English teacher in the future, so with an unparalleled excitement and gratitude, I carried on my one month internship there.

Yale Horizon Education is the English teaching of Beijing Boundless Learning of Education Science and Technology Development Center. It aims at the children from 3 years old to 12 years old, teaching in small classes with full English. The idea comes from the famous American language expert, Jerry G. Gebhard, taking pure English language environment by using
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The oral lesson is limited to the exchange and display, and not to teach and explain the feeling inside. I was a student before; but in the future, I will be a teacher faced with numerous students. In addition to the tension, I must make good preparations for my own lesson. So teaching is really a big challenge for me. Furthermore, practice at Yale Horizon Education is a process of learning. I can learn the knowledge that I cannot obtain in university. Since the great difference of environment I stay at school, I may meet various kinds of people and affairs, which are far more complicated than those I usually contact with. To study from practice, it may help me a lot in my future job …show more content…
What I have learnt was mostly form leaders’ and seniors’ guidance. They used their practical presentation to show me the principle in the relationship with others. It is one of the most precious treasures in my whole life. How to communicate and stay with others is a basic ability in our present society. For a college student who will get into the working field in the immediate future, there are quite a lot of things for me to study. Thanks to Yale Horizon Education and all of its personnel. Thanks them to give me this opportunity. I believe this period of practice will help me a lot in my work in the

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