Meaning Through Literature Reflection

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Reading the book “Creating Meaning through Literature and the Arts” by Claudia Cornett changed my perspective towards arts. Before reading, art to me was drawing; painting etc. and I believed that this kind of talent is by birth. It might be true to some extent, however introducing young children to all different kinds of arts makes a huge amount of difference in their developmental stages and overall as a person. After reading the book, I firmly believe that teacher is one of the important people in a child’s life, who have the ability to mold the child’s mind, give them opportunities, and make them better individuals. We as adults believe we are integrating arts, but for children its pure joy, fun and learning together. If this is done in every classroom teacher and children can be closer, atmosphere of the classroom will be more …show more content…
I could relate to it when author had mentioned about Mr. Bennett from LIES school in South Carolina, which was to replace physical education by dance once per week. Doing this can definitely increase child’s interest in exercise. In my younger years in school, if I had been exposed to variety of arts in school, I would have been able to enjoy school more and would have developed my interest in any particular domain of arts. In all the chapters’ author talks about, how arts can increase creative problem solving, cognitive abilities confidence, higher order thinking etc. I think these skills are more important for students than just excelling in the curriculum; it makes them ready for the real life outside school and career. I agree with the fact that author mentions in one of the chapter, often companies hire people who have multiple skills than just excelling in a particular area. I am currently not in a classroom; I will make it a point that I try some of the strategies in my future classroom. I am using some of the techniques with my

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