Effects Of Performing Arts On Mental Health

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How does performing arts affect your mental state? Imagine if you had something to look forward to after school or work, a place where you can meet people and bond with them? Performing arts can affect you in many different ways.
According to Juilette Siverstine, there are 5 different ways performing arts can benefit your child. In the article she talks about how performing arts can help your child to earn higher academic achievement, confidence and self representation skills, a medium for self expression, problem solving, empathy, and compassion. We are going to focus more on confidence and empathy skills. In the article she explains, “One of the most obvious benefits of performing arts is the development of skills in self-presentation. A child must learn how to present him or herself in front of an audience, be it big or small. They develop the ability to converse with adults in a mature manner. Participation in the arts allows them to grow their
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It can affect you in both positive and negative ways. Everybody has a different experience with it. In the article Paper for Art, there review found evidence of positive outcomes following performing arts interventions and provides insight into some of the impact and process issues associated with arts for health initiatives. “The strongest evidence is in relation to the impact of drama on peer interaction and social skills, where we found the largest number of studies. Outcomes of drama interventions included positive changes in reported behaviour among at-risk young people (McArdle et al. 2002) as well as improvements in social skills and interaction as rated by teachers and parents, although some results were also ambiguous in respect of the impact of performing arts on behaviour (Walsh-Bowers & Basso 1999).” Lastly performing arts should be a thing were you can express yourself and show everybody what you are struggling with or happy

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