Red Meat Issues

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Many of the largest environmental concerns facing our society today stem from the world’s obsession with red meat. Grazing cattle are a major cause of erosion, land degradation, and even, according to most scientists, climate change (Steinfield 2006).
The production of livestock is, without question, the most anthropogenic (environmental pollution originating in human activity) enterprise that humans engage in. It accounts for the use of 70 percent of agricultural land and 30 percent of the entire land surface of Earth. The expansion of livestock production is a major motivator in the deforestation of many Latin and South American countries. In the Amazon, 70 percent of areas that were once forested are now grazing pastures and much of the
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In almost every culture, increased standards of living corresponds with more affordable meat, which is an attractive amenity to most people. Rising incomes in developing and highly populated countries mean that global meat consumption is projected to increase dramatically in the future, especially India and China (Ross 2011). This dramatic increase in meat consumption in the two countries with the largest populations on Earth could be devastating for the environment if consumers are not educated on the repercussions of their eating …show more content…
Despite scientific evidence that associates meat-heavy diets with chronic diseases and obesity, the government avoids offending powerful interests in the livestock and agriculture industries. Instead, they call for reduction of saturated fat instead of meat (Pollan 2008). Growing demand for meat raises demand for livestock feed beyond many countries’ domestic capacities, making them dependent on imports from countries like the United States, which has a huge surplus of cheap grain supported by U.S. government subsidies. With control, more or less, over the media, the economics, policy of the current food system, governments play the biggest role in addressing a global shift towards a reduced meat

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