Essay Recycling and Special Administrative Region

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HKU SPACE Community College Higher Diploma Programme First Semester 2010 – 2011

English for Academic and Professional Purposes (Part II)

Assignment 2: Research Report

“The Attitudes towards Waste and Recycling among HKU SPACE Community College Students.”

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MAK OI YING, YUKI (10460402) MAN LOK YI , JOANNA (10453298) WONG WING MAN, WING (10454885) Class: CD 85-322-18-03 (01)

Submission Date: 19 November 2010

Table of Contents
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1. INTRODUCTION 1.1 Introduction 1.2 Methodology 2 3-4

2. DISCUSSION 2.1 Waste 2.1.1 Waste in Hong Kong 2.1.2 Excessive Use and Disposal of Plastic Bags
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The questionnaire is arranged to two main parts, the attitudes towards waste and recycling. There are total 19 questions about the two main parts, with 11 questions asking about attitudes towards wastes and 8 questions asking about recycling. In fact, it may be difficult to collect the exact data from the respondents on several questions, such as the usage rate of plastic bags and the recycling rate of the household wastes per week. This perhaps is due to the memory lapse, as respondents treat the usage of plastic bags or recycling household waste as habitual activities and don’t pay much attention to them.

Besides the questionnaire, secondary research was conducted to gain greater insight into the issues at hand. The study consists of quantitative and qualitative data collection. The supporting data are collected from (1) printed and online books, (2) periodicals and (3) electronic sources.

2. 2.1 2.1.1

DISCUSSION Waste Waste in Hong Kong

The waste problem in Hong Kong has been intensified in the recent years. Diverse types of solid waste are generated, including municipal solid waste (MSW) which comes from domestic, commercial and industrial sources, construction waste and other special wastes such as chemical and livestock waste (HKSAR Government). The territory produces 2,995

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