Recycling Plastic : An Important Aspect Of Campus Life Essay

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Recycling Plastic I conducted an interview on campus where I asked students simple questions such as “Do you think recycling plastic is important?” to which 90% responded enthusiastically that it was. This survey demonstrates that recycling is in fact considered an important aspect of campus life.
However, recycling plastic is not without its faults. While the current recycling system used nation wide and by California State University, Northridge functions, there are still improvements to be made in the role of the individual as well as plastic recycling process. On campus everyone is encouraged to recycle their bottles, cans, paper, ink cartridges, and other objects. In fact, according to the Associated Students page on the CSUN website there are “more than 200 locations” where a student or faculty member can recycle. Throughout the campus there are three bins in a row labeled “landfill/trash,” “paper," and “bottles and cans”. These cans serve to cut down the process as a whole by eliminating some of the time spent on sorting the plastic. The campus is doing a great job at promoting recycling and cutting down our impact on the world however, certain methods employed by recycling companies are not necessarily environmentally friendly. When a single bottle is placed in the recycling bin it undergoes a long journey from just a bottle to a pellet (a pellet is what they call the end result of the recycled plastic). To begin the journey, the bottle is picked up by either a…

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