Essay on Recruitment Selection And Induction Of Employees

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1. Scope
The following document outlines the policies and procedures for recruitment, selection and induction processes for all staff members within WELLCARE.
2. Confidentiality
All information regarding recruitment, selection and induction of employees will remain confidential to those involved in the process. As per the Privacy Act 1988.
3. Documentation
All recruitment, selection and induction documentation must be retained in the online recruitment system and all copies must be returned to human resources for record keeping. All Documentation must be prepared in line with the company’s policies, procedures and style guides.
4. Identifying the hiring need
Before the initiation of the recruitment process, human resources should conduct a review of the need for the position, taking into account the following:
• strategic and operational plans for the organisation
• funding
• current staff structure
• the diversity of current staff profiles
• current and future requirements
• current staff and their skill levels
• any estimated changes which might impact on the role
When reviewing the hiring need, consultation should be undertaken with all relevant stakeholders, senior management and department managers. Consultation at an early stage in the process will ensure effective workforce planning and may reduce the cost involved with hiring process.
5. Approval to recruit
A request to recruit must be used to initiate the recruitment and selection process and must be forwarded to…

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