Recruitment And Selection Of Employees Essay

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Possible causes:
Unsuccessful recruitment and selection of employees.
- Too focused on building new stores instead of hiring better employees.
- Not focused on picking on form of recruitment (ie. Employee referral, internet sourcing, retail recruiters, Newspaper advertising, and store generated leads). They tried all of the recruitment systems and counted on one of the recruitments would be successful.
Not enough staff in stores.
- Expanded new stores in the US and Canada without a plan of hiring the employees necessary.
- Too focused meeting the “50 new stores a year”.
Dying of old culture and functioning of the business.
- New VP changed how business was conducted.
- Started focusing on quantity, against the original: to please the customer and everyone leaves happy.
Loss of sales.
- New in VP in 1997.
- The change of commission for employees caused them to lose very valuable employees. So they needed to hire new employees w/ less experience and a want to work in a sales position.
- Unhappy employees from the lack of welcoming from workers.
Loss of high-energy, sales hungry employees.
- 1997 compensation system caused employees to leave.
- New management and new rules
Canada and the United States have different views on how to operate successfully.
- Not keeping one compensation system
- US did not like the 100% commission; they liked a straight wage/salary.
Ben Gaballa, 12/2/2016
1. Why is Blinds to Go having difficulty attractive and retaining new staff?…

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