Recruitment And Selection Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… Control is the ability to attract the resources from the external environment. Innovation refers to the change adaptation, improvement and discovering new products and procedures. Efficiency is a technical approach through which skills and resource can be converted into finished goods in timely and cost effective manner.
2.3 Relationship among Recruitment, Selection and Organizational Effectiveness
According to Schein (1976), Human resource system is an integral function of organization and must be taken to be central concern of the management. For an effective organization, the human resource system should be designed and constructed in a way that it will bring about the best people in the organization and skilled people as per the requirement of the organization. Effectiveness cannot be achieved if the system is not effective.
Schein (1976) further discussed that the organizations are becoming more complex and therefore need people having high skills and knowledge. The interdependency has increased due to complex environments. So achieve a higher level of effectiveness in the market, the human resource functions should be conducted to have high caliber, skilled and knowledgeable experienced
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