Essay on Recruit Select and Induction

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As a Human Resource consultant for Optus I have been approached by my Managing Director to examine and analyse the company’s existing recruitment, selection and induction system including the RSI policies, procedures and find how these link in with the organisations strategic plans. Throughout this report I will analyse exactly how our RSI system compares to bets practice and give recommendations and to how we can improve on areas which need improvements and identify areas of strength.

Optus is an Australian leader in integrated telecommunications, delivering cutting-edge communications, information technology and entertainment services. In 2001 SingTel became the parent
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Once a vacancy or a new position has been authorised, HR will liaise with the Operational Manager and if appropriate or applicable a Sales Associate to analyse and agree upon the nature of the role. The Operational Manager will draft the job description/specification (See Appendix 1) in consultation with HR. Optus’ job description is an outline of the main duties and responsibilities of a sales associate. The job description is clear, concisely written, up to date and accurate. It relates only to the actual requirements of the job. All Optus Job Descriptions also include the Person Specification and is always approved by the Managing Director.

The Operational Manager also drafts further particulars relating to the job. This gives more information about the role, the group and details of the team with which the successful applicant will be working. Again this is approved by the Managing Director and the HR department.

Optus advise that the Person Specification sets out the selection criteria which are the skills; abilities; experiences; knowledge; qualifications; and training required for a person to be able to carry out the duties in the job description. Selection criteria should not be at a higher level than that actually needed to do the job, as this may result in unlawful discrimination by excluding potential candidates who are able to do

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