Reconstruction Of The Civil War Essay

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The Civil War remains to be one of the most important events and turning points in American history. Following the Civil War, came Reconstruction of the South; the North intervened once again after their defeat to rebuild the South. Many may argue the significance of Reconstruction, specifically the Radical Reconstruction. Was Radical Reconstruction really radical? Although progress was made and changes were put forth legally, the rep imbedded racism in the South stops the effectiveness of Radical Reconstruction. Through observations of the Slavery, the Civil War, the beginnings of Reconstruction, Presidential Reconstruction, and finally Radical Reconstruction, the title “Radical” might not appear to be so. The American Civil war began April 12th 1861, and ended on April 9th 1865. The victory of this war was the abolition of slavery in the South, put forth by President Abraham Lincoln. Shortly after the war had ended, President Lincoln was assassinated and Andrew Johnson took over office. Andrew Johnson claimed his political standing had lied in the Republican party, but this was an absolute lie. President Johnson was a a man born and raised in Tennessee, who had a deep prejudice towards African Americans. As soon as entering office, he supported the white South while doing close to nothing for the freed slaves. His favor towards the white South then radicalized ordinary white Republicans, therefore starting Radical Reconstruction. After winning most of the elections of…

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