Advancements Of African Americans During The Reconstruction Period

1) Describe the Reconstruction as defined in Chapter 6? What were some of the advancements for African Americans during the Reconstruction period?
Reconstruction was the period of time between 1865 and 1877. During this period of time, the south was required by Congress to “reconstruct” their politics, economics, and social order without slavery being at the center. Reconstruction period was full of radical changes and increased violence and tension between whites and the African American population.
There were two major advancements during the Reconstruction period were the right to vote and access to education. African Americans won the right to vote and two were elected to U.S. Senate. However, the most important advancement was the access to education. During the Reconstruction period, many institutes for higher education were created and developed. Many of the Black Colleges constructed during the Reconstruction period still exist today. During this time, African Americans strive to improve their education, own land, and gain access to equal employment.
2) Describe the Redemption as defined in Chapter 6? In what ways did the Redemption diminish the rights of African Americans?
The Redemption era started as soon as the Reconstruction era ended. Redemption was the souths
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I believe that Booker T. Washington did what he thought was the best for African Americans. However, I think that he stalled the treatment of African Americans. Many laws were passed that squashed or removed the advancements made by African Americans during the “reconstruction” era. During Booker T. Washington career, enrollment of African American students increased dramatically and was more than white. Also, African American teachers earned more income than White teachers. Many Whites felt threatened by the increased freedom of African American peoples. However, the overall treatment of African Americans was worse than before the Civil

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