Rebirth Of Youth Sports Essay

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Rebirth of Youth Sports
“Barcelona?” I asked, looking at my coach. My team was invited to Barcelona for a soccer camp a couple years ago. Who would’ve thought that playing soccer as a kid would have led me to going out of the country for a week? My childhood revolved around sports, whether it was soccer, track, or cross country. All of my siblings participated in some sort of sport while I was growing up, so I was always active. I grew up with a different lifestyle than a lot of kids, spending everyday practicing, it taught me a lot about myself. A rebirth of youth participation in sports would be beneficial because it would get kids away from electronics, let them be healthier, and they would be able to make more friends.
Unfortunately, with
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When kids play organized sports they learn to deal with conflicts responsibly. They learn what teamwork actually means when they have to depend on each other to win. From personal experience, soccer taught me how to trust another player. It’s impossible for one player to cover all the positions, and it would be a waste of energy to try. The key component of being a good team is they’re able to count on every one of your teammates to do their job. This isn’t an easy skill to learn at first, because everyone makes mistakes, but after years of playing, and learning how teammates play, it’s possible to trust them to perform well in their position. Soccer can also teach you how to push your limits without losing control. Soccer is a physical game, players can hit other plays to knock them off the ball, and of course there are legal and illegal ways to do this. If you don’t follow the rules you can get carded, and ejected from the game. It teaches you how to control yourself so you can go to your limits, without injuring yourself. Any team sport can teach you how to deal with people politely and respectfully even if you don’t like them. It’s hard for a player to get along with every athlete on their team, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be able to work together. Learning to work with someone you don’t like can help you work with a …show more content…
A survey has shown that about 65% of American’s are overweight, and 30% are obese. The amount of obese American’s was about half of what it is now, in 1980 (Werner 380). With the rates of obesity going up, so does the rates of cardiovascular diseases. This increase of obesity can be due to the amount of time people spend in front of their computers or TV’s. There is also evidence to prove that with this increased screen time, there is an increased consumption of high fat, high sugar and high caloric foods (Werner 381). People are more likely to munch on potato chips while watching TV or surfing the web, than if they were playing outside. When a child wants to become an athlete, they are more likely to eat a slightly healthier diet. This doesn’t mean all athletes have a healthy diet, it means they are more likely to give their body more nutrients it needs to be able to do better in their activities. When I became a runner, I adjusted my diet a little to eat healthier so I could get more energy and have a good amount of nutrients and vitamins every day. I still ate junk food, and candy, but when I had a race the next day, I would always have some sort of protein and pasta for the carbs. It wasn’t a major change in my diet, but it gave me an advantage when I was running, because I had all those carbs to burn for more energy. I chose pasta over fried chicken, because it helped with

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