Compare And Contrast Romeo And Juliet Essay

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Romeo and Juliet Essay
When you think of rebellious you think of young teens, or your favorite movie villain, or maybe even The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet written by Shakespeare is the story of two star-crossed lovers who go through so much just for love. The Montague and Capulets are rival, royal families. In the beginning, Romeo Montague is depressed because his love for a girl named Rosaline is not returned. He sees Juliet at a party the same day and immediately falls in love with her, and tries to find out who she is. Romeo and Juliet later find out that they are both from rival families. Their love takes a toll for the worse and end up with Romeo and Juliet dying because of a miscommunication between the
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“Go get the to thy love, as was decreed, ascend her chamber, hence and comfort her.” (III. iv.146-147). The Friar is telling Romeo to go see Juliet before he leaves for Mantua. Romeo and Juliet are not allowed to see each other, and the only reason they do is because they can’t stand to be apart. “Hist! Romeo, hist! O for a falc’ner’s voice to lure this tassel- gentle back again!”(II. ii.158-159). Juliet and Romeo meet in the Capulet’s orchard, she’s telling Romeo she wish she could speak his name loudly but she must whisper because of her parents. Once again, Juliet isn’t paying her parents rules any attention she knows that she is doing wrong because she knows she must whisper. Even while knowing this she still continues to see Romeo. “Then hie you hence to Friar Laurence’ cell; there stays a husband to make you a wife.”( II. vi. 67-68). Even though them meeting this time wasn’t all secret, it was secret to their parents. Lord Capulet disowns Juliet for not wanting to marry Paris, who knows what he would have done if he found out she married his rivalry’s son. Juliet rebels against her parents over and over again, she doesn’t respect her family and rebels against their hatred of the

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