Essay about Reasons Why Women Don 't Leave Abusive Relationships

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Why Women Stay There are psychological reasons why women don’t leave abusive relationships. They should not be blamed for staying in them, and need support while going through it, and afterwards as well. The brain is a complex survival tool. The things that it’s capable of in the pursuit of self-preservation will amaze you. Some of the reasons that women stay in abusive relationships are; psychological coping mechanisms, too much time and energy invested, women sacrifice in relationships more often, and manipulation. Often after these things happen it is almost impossible to get out of the cycle. It’s almost an addiction in that way. Like the song from Rianna and Eminem “Love the Way You Lie”. Here is a verse from the song. I think that Eminem words it perfectly on how the abuse is like a strange mind game that becomes like an addiction,“As long as the wrong feels right, it 's like I 'm in flight high off of love drunk from my hate. It 's like I 'm huffing paint, and I love it the more that I suffer. I suffocate, and right before I 'm about to drown. She resuscitates me, she fucking hates me, and I love it. Wait, where you going, I 'm leaving you. No you ain 't, come back. We 're running right back, here we go again. It 's so insane 'cause when it 's going good, it 's going great. I 'm Superman, with the wind at his back, she 's Lois Lane, but when it 's bad, it 's awful. I feel so ashamed, I snapped, who 's that dude. I don 't even know his name, I laid hands on her. I…

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