Reasons To Legalize Prostitution

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Who would actually want to legalize prostitution? It’s an invitation of sexually transmitted diseases, illegal drugs, and violence all at your door step! Now imagine your family waking up at any hour in the day and seeing an individual leaned over a car and shortly afterwards get in just to return and complete the cycle repetitiously. Or perhaps someone approaching you seeking money for drugs. Wild enough yet? How about your spouse infecting you with a sexually transmitted disease that you know for sure wasn’t a part of your vows? Honestly my biggest concern would be how in the world would the children be affected? Especially knowing that along with behavior such as this, violence is sure to follow. Not at all for one moment do I even think …show more content…
Now I firmly disagree, and why? Well here’s the thing if it is unhealthy now, how much healthier is really going to get because its legal? My answer NONE big fat NONE because prostitutes would be certain to take care of themselves whether they are working comfortably in the eyes of the law or hoping the next john is going to bust them. Furthermore, health starts in the mind of the individual themselves determined to stay “clean” during these chapters of spontaneous venturing in their lives. I find it rare that people even took the time to oppose the prohibiting of prostitution. Violence and sex crimes would be lessened if prostitution became legal. Hmm, not quite, because if women are being raped now what makes you think it’s going to stop now? Most likely in a person’s life if they are deeply involved in the ring of prostitution there is often misfortunate events that led up to falling victim to this type of “work.” Like I mentioned before it takes money to cure the itch of a prostitute it’s his/her purpose for “working” correct? Well not every john has the intention on being a cheerful giver, none the less, committing a violent act either beating the, raping, or even robbing the prostitute so how can you say that crime and violence will decrease? When you must first know the intentions of the one seeking

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