Comparison Between Criminal Minds And And Then There Were None

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A murderer always has a motive for killing someone. Everyone is different which means there could be billions of different scenarios, none of which having the exact same outcome. In the hit crime investigating show Criminal Minds, Season 5 Episode 21 tells the story of a BAU investigation team working to find a man who has gone on a killing spree, murdering five people the team believes to be all connected. The murderer of this episode is discovered to be a young sixteen year old boy whose only motive to kill was because he had felt abandoned when he was a young child. Much like Justice Wargrave of And Then There Were None, the boy of Criminal Minds, Oliver had had a love of killing ever since he was a young boy. In the story of And Then There Were None the murderer Justice Wargrave took …show more content…
Giving you suspense and has them questioning who the killer really is. Throughout both the show and book the viewer finds themselves making their own theory of how it plays out, sticking around to see the ending and figuring out if they were right or wrong. They both also do not reveal the killer until the very end. Though the show and book are similar in being in the same genre, they are both at the same time quite different from each other. In Criminal Minds, the viewers watch the BAU solve the crime investigation using the clues that they have uncovered, but in And Then There Were None, no investigation of the police is being solved throughout the book until the very end when the reader already knows who the killer is. During the book the reader is simply watching the crime itself take place and finding it difficult to discover any clues. I feel the homicides in the books were well thought out and ending in a way no detective could solve. Whereas in Criminal Minds Oliver was just killing people without thought leaving the path of clues proving he was the

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