Reasons For The Unsuccessful Mission Of Afghanistan After One Decade A Success Or A Failure?

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Is the war in Afghanistan after one decade a success or a failure? After the September 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States by El-Qaeda, the UN Security Council pass out a resolution 1386 in 2001 giving the authorization to establish the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) which was deployed first to Kabul to train the Afghan National Security Forces and assist Afghanistan in rebuilding their government. Then two years later ISAF mission was expanded by the UN Security Council all over Afghanistan to Capture Osama bin Laden, Destroy Al-Qaeda network, and Remove Taliban Regime. ISAF achieved the first one by capturing Osama Bin Laden and execute him, but unfortunately failed in the other two. This paper will analyze the reasons for ISAF unsuccessful mission in Afghanistan. ISAF failed to achieve its ambitious goals because of the following reasons: ambiguous objectives, lack of resources, and unsuccessful counterinsurgency policy. First: ambiguous objectives:
Legal Justification for the War in Afghanistan wasn’t clear (Rockmore, 2004) . USA claimed that September 2001 attacks over its territory had a relative evidence that pointed to El-Qaeda and Taliban therefore USA invaded Afghanistan without any justification under what is so-called “war on terrorism”, of course That isn’t an enough reason for US to wage war, because war should have more than one reason to be justified according to the course of action, war against an enemy or an attacker, war…

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