Essay on Reasons For The Death Penalty

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Alternatives to Capital Punishment One of the larger topics of debate in the United States has consistently been the death penalty. The debate generally is on whether or not the death penalty should be used and or if the practice of executing criminals is being done in a relatively safe and effective way. The main reasons behind the support of the death penalty generally are a sense of justice to the families of the victim and or a sense of security for society from any potential danger. Many people argue that the practice of lethal injection is the best mode of execution in comparison to previous modes such as the electric chair and even medieval methods such as the guillotine. Upon further research one would be able to discover that many of the reasons why they support the death penalty can be logically or statistically disproven. One may see that the death penalty only leads to the execution of a life and the destruction of relationships with families, friends and loved ones. A simple solution would be to consider the alternatives that can be equally as effective.
Since the decision of whether to partake in capital punishment is left up to the state governments, it tends to provide a form of compromise simply because it is not a unilateral decision made by the federal government. However, if the possibility of more logical and ethical alternatives are available it could prove to be a better decision. Moreover, if one were to come to the decision that they are against the…

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