Reasons For Global Warming And Fast Depletion Of Natural Resources

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This essay presents the various environmental issues that affect the functioning of the business units and the society as a whole. The essay addresses the issue of global warming and fast depletion of natural resources. The 21st century because of rapid technological strides is witnessing dramatic changes and impacts upon society and business and constitutes the focus of this essay. The various implications of the external environment and the stakeholder environment on the functioning of the business units has also been dealt with in this essay.
Environmental Challenges:
The rapid industrialisation and advancement of technology in the present times is leading to detrimental effects on the environment that in turn is adversely affecting the society and the business. The rapid changes in climate and other environmental issues again affect the business (Markstrom and Charley, 2006). This is resulting in the creation of a vicious cycle that is affecting human life, ecological balance and business functioning.
Justification of Fayol’s theory of Management:
Henry Fayol’s theory of management with 14 points and the division of the management functions deals with effective and efficient planning. It discusses the importance of the integration of the external environment of an organisation to the interests of the stakeholders and the safeguarding of the same (Bradshaw, 2003). The fast depletion of natural resources has become a major concern for all the large…

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