Cause And Effect Of Hip Hop Music

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Maria Figueroa

Tina Marie Skiles

ENG 101 - 27416

Oct. 12, 2017

Reality X: The cause and effect of Hip-Hop music

In the beginning there were many different genres of music dealing with social issues, these songs were primarily written about war and injustice. They were given a proper place in our history and were remembered as lyrical, musical achievements of their time. This excluded many injustices, including the war against African-Americans. In the 1970’s, was when the music of a generation expressed these indignities, and changed the world.

This essay will outline the direct effect, the cause known as Hip-Hop had upon not only the United States government, but people around the globe. How that expression founded a new entrepreneurial
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Negatively charged, or positively engaged Hip-hop has been the center of attention or controversy since 1980’s. It has made thousands of individuals rich, famous, and heard. The United States Government has put many Hip-Hop lyrics, and rappers in the spotlight, and recognized after many years of fighting it.

The right to express African-American suffering, hundreds of years after African-American suffrage. The expression of Hip-Hop is done not only through lyrical gymnastics, but also through the beat which sets the theme of the song. This mixed with urban dance styles, and graffiti, are the tools in the arsenal of Hip-Hop. These forms of expression are the ways that many genres of artistic expression could be shown under one flag.

In closing, we have established that Hip-Hop’s expressionism is an American Institution that changed the landscape of legislation, media, and social justice. It is a multi-faceted form of expression used by artists to create change, and it has many resources in order to do so. Hip-Hop is an intangible force that is so strong it changed the future course of African-American youth, and the outlook on their lives. It can be said that if the American dream is still alive, it lives in the pens, mics, turntables, Puma’s, and spray paint cans of

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