History Of Reality Tv Essay

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When browsing through the television you will see that majority of the shows on are reality TV shows. Shows such as True Life show characters with raw emotions, facing real hardships in life. With new shows coming out every season the reality TV craze is growing with it. Even if you do not watch reality television, it 's becoming harder and harder to avoid, with its increase in popularity growing every day. First off let’s start off with the history of reality TV. There are many shows said to have started reality television. A lot of people think it started in 1948, with Alan Funt’s Candid microphone. He would place microphones around the office and record people as they got pranked then play it on the radio. Candid microphone soon after turned into “Candid Camera”. The show followed around ordinary people as they were getting pranked. Then, there …show more content…
In competition shows there are contestants competing for prizes, such as electronics, trips, cars, and money. A few examples of these shows would be “Big Brother”, “Fear Factor”, and “Wipeout”. Then, there is documentary which follows the lives of people both famous and non-famous. These shows would include “TrueLife”, all “The Real Housewives” series, and “Jon and Kate plus 8”. The show “Jon Kate plus 8” followed the lives of a couple who had sextuplet. Third, there are talent search shows. In a talent show contestants compete in certain categories such as cooking, singing, dancing, modeling and so on. These shows have weekly eliminations and the last person standing usually gets a contract or something to help them pursue their dreams. Examples of these types of shows are “America’s Next Top Model”, “The Voice”, “Hell’s Kitchen”, and “American Idol”. Lastly, dating shows bring people together in the hope that they will find love. These shows include “The Bachelor”, “Bind date”, and

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