Reality Television, By Michael Hirschorn Essay

1024 Words Oct 14th, 2016 5 Pages
Reality television has evolved over the decades and many people see it going in a downward spiral, in greater quantities and lower quality of content. In the article The Case for Reality TV by Michael Hirschorn he defends reality television, claiming that people often take these shows for face value and do not look for the deeper meaning behind them. He uses shows a wide range of reality shows and express that these shows are not only for entertainment value but also good mediums for social commentary. Also, Hirschorn includes how effective competitive shows are adept at explaining what people would do, much like an experiment, and are a good medium when explaining complex ideas. He uses reality television 's underlying factors and themes that are often missed by the viewer and effectively argues that reality TV is beneficial due to their ability to talk about social issues and complex ideas.
By using an array of reality shows that highlight differences between classes and race, Hirschorn says reality shows are adept at talking about social issues. This supports his overall argument, because how these shows effectively talk about gender identity and raced in a more open and experimental environment, generating a discussion about social issues that no other genre of television or movie can reproduce. Hirschorn writes about ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and how it features, “blue-collar families ravaged by disease, health-care costs, insurance loopholes, layoffs, and so…

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