Reality of the Vietnam War Essay

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Reality of the Vietnam War

During the Vietnam War the reality of warfare brought many soldiers back to a home that didn't want them. Their feelings torn by atrocities, the loss of friends, and the condition of loneliness only made the experience worse. Did the issues on the home front affect the issues on the frontline? The novel Fallen Angels by Walter Dean Myers is a perfect example of the conflict and diversity among other soldiers during the Vietnam War. It shows the reality many soldiers faced and how they dealt with conflicts back home while they were alone and afraid of death creeping up on them. With the reality of war taking its toll, soldiers coming home to a world they didn't know, a world that had changed and left them in
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The death of one close friend can upset you but the death of many will drive you mad. Many physiological problems can derive from military war service. Vietnam is infamous for this. Soldiers getting shell shock, combat stress, war neurosis, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder stay with them for life affecting everyday issues. "In the years after the Vietnam War veterans suffered many ongoing stress symptoms including, flashbacks, nightmares, anxiety and difficulty integrating back into civilian life." Stated Megan Wood in her essay "Shell-shocked: The trauma of war". In the novel Fallen Angels Perry and his platoon were in a South Vietnamese village and his experience was horrifying. Perry said "The VC had already struck. There were bodies all around. Some twisted awkwardly, others looking as if they were just resting, their legs bent for comfort…An old woman stumbled into the open space in front of her hut. Her face was covered in blood. She feel. I went over to her, looked at her, and saw the bones in her face where the flesh had been cut away. Turn away."(Myers 176) Perry's experience got him thinking about what he was doing there. Perry repressing his thoughts from his mother in his letters is just leading to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) from not expressing his feeling about them and getting it out. This is a problem with not just Perry but many other soldiers. PTSD can prevent soldiers returning home to find jobs and integrate back into normal life. The

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