Essay about Reality : Is It Virtual?

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Reality: Is it virtual? I am writing about reality and the philosophical nature therein of what is, what isn 't, and what could be.

Rationalism According to Descartes we know certain truths innately and we have some kind of ability to grasp these truths intellectually. John Tierney 's "Our lives controlled by some guy on a couch" is both an interesting and troubling notion as it questions free will and reality at the most basic levels. What is reality? According to Descartes we know that certain things are true and other 's false. This brings to mind the podcast I had done for my presentation that called Descartes in to question. John Campbell 's talk was on schizophrenia and how the patients would view the world in one way, having believed false truths that should have been inheritably false as true. Campbell disproves Descartes, as these people innately believe these false things to be true. He also goes on to say that a classical philosopher would never have considered an insane persons ideas though mentions that because these people still have a grasp on language they can still be reasoned with. As far as the ability to grasp these truths and understand them on an intellectual level, that might be a little more complicated. On this issue of reality can we see and know what is and truly understand? To understand something is to be able to describe how it works and how it functions, can we do that about reality? We are obviously trying but coming with a summation…

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