Reality In Katherine Mansfield's Miss Brill

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In "Miss Brill" by Katherine Mansfield, an elderly woman describes how she feels and what she sees as she visits Seaside Park on a Sunday afternoon for her weekly ritual. Miss Brill portrays a lonely, elderly English school teacher who would like a different reality from the one she lives in. Miss Brill attends Seaside Park as an escape from her reality and to feel as a part of society. Miss Brill time is only taken up by her trips to the park and her 5th grade students. Mansfield shows the reader how harmful criticism could be to someone who has not accepted reality. As a single woman, with no family nor kids, Miss Brill has created a different world in which she does not feel so alone, until she faces the reality of others. Miss …show more content…
Miss Brill illusion was good while it lasted, the fantasy world Miss Brill lived in made her feel appreciated and needed, but it also led her into dissapointment. Miss Brill’s happiness is shattered when she over hears a young couple’s conversation. Just as any other Sunday, Miss Brill picks out someone’s conversation to enter. Before long, Miss Brill has already imagined their lives. Miss Brill named the boy a hero and the girl a heroine. Pointing out the young couple was beautifully dressed just arriving from his father’s yacht. As always, Miss Brill prepares to listen but this times what she hears leaves her heartbroken. Referring to Miss Brill the young man says "Why does she come here at all-who wants her? Why doesn't she keep her silly old mug at home?" Joking the girl replied "Its her fu-fur thats so funny" (Mansfield 255). That moment Miss Brill whole aspects of life came crashing down on her. All the ways Miss Brill judged the people around her now she was being judged. Miss Brill believed she was important, the park needed her, but others only saw her a lonely old lady just taking up space. Not only did the boy speak bad about Miss Brill, the girl joked about her fur coat which Miss Brill cherished as her pet. Without any warning, Miss Brill was hit with the sad reality of how others might see her rather than how she saw herself. After so many Sundays of just listening, analyzing, and judging others Miss Brill got a taste of her own

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