Analysis Of Yo Do You Break Essay

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Yo, Do You Break?
Homosexuals, snobs, stuck up people with inborn talent and funky artists portray the dance subculture to those who do not understand it. Conversely, an extensive dive into this creative faction reflects a whole new module that kindles the face of our society. Dancers are categorized from casual to professional. Telescoping into this class of people can hand out a division of persistence, creativity, inspiration, and healthy artists commonly noted as dancers. Dancers, while enjoying the big hand of definite public, are not gazed alike by this society. Non participants see dancing as a lifestyle for people with natural talent, naturally fit body and superior genetics; but in reality dancing requires a lot of hard work and sacrifice.
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When I asked Kyle Hudson, one of the outsiders, for his opinion on dancers, tilting his head towards his upraised shoulders and building wrinkles on his forehead, he said, “The way I see it, dancers don’t have their life together, man. Dancing won’t get them anywhere” (Hudson). Many folks including me are in the same ball park as Hudson. As Sydney was tying her ballet shoe laces, I asked her what she thinks of Hudson’s observation. She got up as she gave a snort of derision, looking at me with a smile that extended up to her eyes and replied, “Oh, really! Have you ever heard of a guy named Michael Jackson?”(Sydney). My boomerang punched me in the face with an even harder pressure; the king of pop was moon walking right beside me, when I was looking at a six pack Joe with a stereotypical standpoint. A point about the movie- Step Up, which was not only fashioned around the dancing subculture but was also a blockbuster and a unique genre in a Hollywood Screen, rose during a heated discussion about dance career in a Modern Dance class of Brown Annex, 122. Within and outside of school, this subculture performs jazz, hip-hop and other kinds of dance on events such as the Miss ULM pageant, football games and basketball games. Downright focus and readiness towards jazz, hip-hop, ballet, tap dancing or any form of this hustle and bustle will escort these dancers to a nirvana which will, if nothing else, put a smile on the dancer’s face, which in this cutthroat world is more precious than the One Ring. It is sad that not all the students of dance reach the Valhalla of fame and success, but it will at least bring them respect for

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