Reality And Fantasy In Tim O Brien's The Things They Carry

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Tim O'Brien's novel The Things They Carry is written in a way that explores the blurred connection between reality and fantasy. Tim O’Brien’s novel is fiction but told like its non-fiction. The author alternates between fact and fiction to prove the conflict that O’Brien deals with conflicts that reflect his true courage. The author incorporates metaphorical symbols, and conflicts with characters to contrast the idea of fiction and nonfiction in order to enhance the importance of reality and fantasy. The purpose of doing so is to get the point across about the reality of war. When the narrator Tim O’Brien expresses his feelings about the war he is essentially coping with the thought of war. The purpose of adding the lies is to prove the realistic characteristics of war even if that means stretching the truth so then readers can understand the real truth.
The narrator compares war to different unrealistic examples to prove the reality of war. For example in the chapter “Spin” O’Brien compares war to a chess game that the soldiers played often. The comparison of war and the chess game, that the author includes showing that the soldiers longing for war to be “a strict grid” where “you could watch
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We know that “The Things They Carry” is a fictional book but tries to be written as if it is true. O'Brien uses metaphors and writes in circles to convey the truth about war; such as the game of chess and writing of constant circles. The internal conflicts of O’Brien that leads to bigger problems that have to deal with society and going back and forth on a single decision. Not only writing in circles but by writing the book with such conflicting emotions dragged the reader to believe in something that's not true. All of this is done to release O'Brien's emotions and how he copes with the idea of war. The purpose of the lies was to convey the real truth even if that means stretching the

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