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Realism in W.D. Howells short story Editha.
For W.D. Howells, realism is an expression of truth that exposes every aspect of human existence, crude or noble, and presents it beautifully through the experiences of the writer. His short story, Editha, clearly exemplifies these characteristics by use of real philosophical questions that express the search for truth in which every man is submerged, the continuous exposure of the true feelings of a disappointed mother which serve as a hook to the real world, and the discovery of flaws in George, who is everything but a hero.
In the short story, Editha, the author exemplifies the truth in realism accompanied by philosophical inquiry that enlightens every aspect of human existence. Realism is exemplified by the issuance of essential worldview questions. Firstly, in the story, the narrator exposes the conflict between George and Editha by posing the problem of evil in the world. This presentation is accomplished by exposing the differing opinions regarding the necessity of the war and its illogical origin:
[It’s] every war – so stupid, it makes me sick. Why shouldn’t this thing have been settled reasonably?
“Because”, she said, very throatily again, “God meant it to be war. You think it was God?” Yes, I suppose that is what people say. (Baym, 309)
In George’s response, one can see a reasoning, doubtful human being who tries to form a logical conclusion for the origin of the war, while Editha’s response is the counterargument of his…

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