Real Estate Portals Vs. Your Own Website Essay

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Real Estate Portals vs. Your Own Website

The author often receives this question “Should I have my own website in the foreign internet or should I post on foreign real estate portals to sell my property or properties to foreign buyers?” Well, there is no one answer that fits all and any situation. And these both methods of active marketing are good to use at the same time, it is a matter of budgeting. If you have a detailed property foreign website, but not much internet traffic to it, then a highly visible ad on a high traffic portal with a link to your own site to get more information and contact you might be very helpful.
The major differences between these two ways of direct marketing to foreign buyers:
Foreign real estate portals: Lots of traffic of potential buyers, but you share the traffic with other properties and countries, so just a portion of it would be yours; all the traffic to your listing is working eventually for the portal’s internet promotion increasing its number of visitors and improving its positioning with the search engines, but you personally have nothing left as soon as your paid advertising time is over; fast, easy and relatively inexpensive to post a listing (while more visible ads might cost much more); the cost varies for various portals and usually depends mainly on the number of properties, period of time they will be listed on the portal and you pay additionally for some special placing over other listings if you wish.
Your own property…

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