Reading Through Those Helpless Soul Short Story

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Reading through those helpless soul
It was almost 7 pm when I arrived from work yesterday. Mukkum Hang was with his father spending his whole day. Whenever I meet him after work he quickly runs to me on my way and grabs me on my hand. I scoop him up and he wraps my neck around. I forget everything and just feel the great happiness and pleasure of life when his little finger pick my nose and kiss on my chick.

He started our meeting on the same way as we do everyday. I asked his father if he gave him bath, he said Mukkum had got some rashes that 's why he didn 't. I looked throughout my little one 's body and found a big bump on his head, neck and fingers. I disappointed with his father for not taking him to the hospital even after finding
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I asked his father whether he would drop me or I should call the Taxy. He agreed to drop us. While I started to change Mukkum he told me, “ I am okay” that surprised me and thought he was taking his father side. I went to the emergency room with my little boy but found several women with infants, toddlers and kids waiting their turn to the doctors. I read the several mind, several of their soul and pondered myself for deep inside of motherhood. Everyone of them had lost their hunger, they seemed restless but devoted for the loved ones. I found a life of woman after having kids is just a sacrifice of everything for the sake of their …show more content…
Even they are strong and courageous women they feel sad and weak because of their women temperament that has grown inside them. I prayed for that woman who rushed to the emergency with her child but might have transferred somewhere I couldn 't see them back again.We are called by the doctor only around the 10 pm and prescribed some medicine to Mukkum and let us go. I asked the doctor if they could provide some medicine as it was already late to go to pharmacy, but he suggested we need to find the open pharmacy from any of the open

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