Reading And Writing For Reading Writing Essay

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It all started with a cereal box where I couldn’t understand a word on the nutrition facts. It seemed as if the box was filled with arbitrary letters and hieroglyphic symbols that the Egyptians established. The problem was, It wasn’t the cereal that mystified me , but every written word under the sun.
As a kid I had little to no interest in reading or writing all I cared about was having fun and enjoying my carefree childhood. Little did I know I was stuck in a mental turmoil of the 26 letters of the alphabet. I had lack of understanding from stop signs, bathroom signs, and even door signs. Although school provides us with the potential for reading and writing, it wasn’t enough to develop a further understanding. I needed to improve in reading and writing in order to be successful. I had to be fully aware of my situation and shouldn’t take anything lightly. It was a matter of survival where you would be eaten if you wander.
During my childhood, I always had an interest in cartoons because they are unrealistic figures that have magical abilities that brings the wow factor to us audiences. The shows were always in Japanese so I couldn’t ever understand a word. They have English subtitles but I couldn’t interpret the English language yet. It is imperative to learn and understand the English language because of the overwhelming influence of it in the U.S.
As a child, it was child’s play when it comes to absorbing information quickly. Every experience gained is used towards…

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