Reaction Of The Movie Cesar Chavez

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The movie Cesar Chavez was extremely inspiring, especially for people that feel like they are unable to make a difference because they are only one person. The movie was able to show that with effort and advocacy there is the ability to stand up for what you believe in. The small group that was formed in the beginning was able to turn into a huge army of people working together in a “fight” against the same issue. They had a strong leader to follow, also. Without the guidance of Cesar Chavez, there probably would not have been the ability to win the battle. Cesar was able to show the group that a non-violence protest held more movement than a violent one.
Cesar Chaves’ protest was similar to that of Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi,
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They believed that two dollars a day was a sufficient amount of money for someone to live off of. They also had the police become involved because they were “afraid” of a riot breaking out. They seemed to not actually believe that but to detain these people for their freedom of speech against the farm owners. They would look for reasons that something would be wrong, because they knew it was a losing battle. The fact that people can manipulate situations just because they have more power makes me angry. It upsets me that people think that using other people for labor for their own benefit and no decent reward in return is even slightly okay.
In general, I thought that the farm owners were extremely ignorant. The one stated “They will not work for a day’s wage, but they will walk 300 miles for free.” The owners failed to realize that those who worked for them provided the products that supplied all of their money and a strong business. They did not realize that they were doing an injustice to these workers, because they only saw their side of the rally. They did not believe that they were in the wrong, but failed to imagine what it would be like to live on only two dollars a
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This would be that the farm owners were just bringing in more people from Mexico because they needed people doing the labor to make money. This is human trafficking and a major problem for the country. The farm owners were bringing people over to the farms illegally. They were also giving those people an unfair wage by misleading them, because they were vulnerable to being deceived. Social workers can help the farm workers by teaching them their rights and teaching them how to empower each other. Advocacy and empowerment are two extremely important factors for social

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