Rationalism : Rationalism And Empiricism Essay

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In the debate between the two schools of epistemology, rationalism and empiricism, I am incline to follow the philosophies of the school of rationalism. The advantage of rationalism is that it relies solely on logic and reason to seek absolute truths. Empiricism’s flaw is that it relies merely on sensory observation to seek conclusions, which are subjective and can be deceptive. Many times I have been mislead by my senses, making me hesitant to trust empirical observations. I trust logic and reason over my own sensory observations when making conclusions in my own life. In the NHL, there has been a large movement due to advancement in technology, to adapt rationalism philosophies over empiricism. Rationalism is imperfect due to the interpretation of our senses, while rationalism uses logic and reason to form absolute truths, therefore I am incline towards the school of rationalism. Rationalism’s advantage is that it relies solely on the use of logic and reason. Rationalists believe that people are born with innate knowledge, formally known as a priori knowledge. A priori knowledge is the knowledge independent of experience through the senses. It allows us to use logic and reason to rationalize the world around us, without the use of sensory experience. Logic and reason allows for conclusions to be formed that are objective, and deprived from any prior beliefs, biases, or prejudices. Two forms of logic and reason include, geometry and arithmetic, whose importance has been…

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