Anthony Downs Rational Choice Model

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1: Theoretical Framework Various scholar’s research studies elections around the world to get a better grasp of what is going on with elections in the countries. Scholars are trying to understand the effect of voter turnout with new ideas being presented for the cause. Countries’ electoral systems offer a wide range of reasons behind the causes of voter turnout. Anthony Downs’ theories are leading principles in voter turnout field by using rational choice thinking of voters. Downs tries to explain people’s thinking when coming to elections. Downs ' (1957) ‘calculus-of-voting’ model, voters are instrumentally rational. The model is about voters will vote in order to change the outcome of elections only if the costs of voting does not outweigh …show more content…
Riker and Peter Ordeshook (1968) help extended the thought of rational choice theory. André Blais (2000) explains why people vote or do not vote by using the rational choice model. Blais explains the rational choice model by a person more interested in politics, the more likely to participate to vote. Blais continues rational choice, resource, and mobilization theories about cost of participation and coverage of the cost to vote. Finally, Blais adds, higher the turnout the more acute the paradox of voting. This adds on the research question being ask plus adding on to a concept of rational choice. Voter looks at the benefits of voting; if voting is greater than the costs; the voter votes, on the contrary, the costs is greater than the benefits, the voter decides not to vote in. Green and Shapiro (1994) criticize rational choice theory. This helps the concept of voter turnout decline. The question explains the electoral system may have some affect with lower/decline turnout in OCED countries dataset from IDEA. Also, the question takes a look at other factors of this question. Research of electoral system will be the main topic of the research question being brought up throughout this dissertation. The electoral system will be consider as the dependent variable cause depending on the type(s) of system could be causing voter turnout decline . The electoral system has three different formula. When election happens; electoral system matters. The electoral system in place for the country, can have political consequences for the actors, who set up the system. There needs to be time to set the best electoral system for the country. There are various types of electoral families

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