Rational And Plan For Family Project Essay

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Rational and Plan for Family Project: The focus of my project is to involve parents in developing literacy skills for their children. I will do that by increasing their awareness about their role in supporting their children at home. Also, by giving them some literacy directions, tips, and materials they can use with children at home. Thus, parents will participate in enhancing the home literacy condition which will reflect positively on their students ' literacy skills. Literacy skills are an essential component for students to succeed in the school. Moreover, it is important as well to help them succeed in the life. For these reasons, we need to start early as we can to give students the appropriate support. According to National Early Literacy Panel that stated that several studies have reported that student who has reading difficulty in the primary grades, he probably will have low performances and difficulty in the upper grades (National Early Literacy Panel,2008). Moreover, according to the National Reading Panel (NRP) of the National Institute of Child Health and Development "issued a report that identified five critical areas for effective reading instruction: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension " (NELP, 2008). Parents should participate with teachers to support these five areas to ensure students ' success in reading, writing and speaking. Therefore, my aim is to involve parents in supporting children literacy skills by…

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