Raskolnikov 's Process Of Redemption Essay

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The ethics of care, as described by Held, can explain Raskolnikov’s process of redemption in Crime and Punishment. However for Raskolnikov’s process of moral degeneration, deontological ethics explains the process much better. When we look at Raskolnikov’s process of degeneration the main cause was alienation from others. This causes him to make terrible justifications to commit his crime. Hence once he did the crime it drawled him further into isolation. This alienation causes him to fall deeper into suffering . The ethics of care can be used to explain Raskolnikov process of redemption. This is because Sonia’s abided to practicing values of friendship. For example some of the values that she abided to was support and trust. Though Sonia abiding to the values of friendship she was able to push Raskolnikov to redemption.

The process of moral degeneration is better explained by deontological ethics than ethics of care. This is because his actions was produced by using reason to commit the crime. These wrongful rationalizations developed because he isolated himself from society.
This alienation occurred from Raskolnikov keeping only a handful of friends and rejecting the values held in the town. This has prevented him from experiencing wealth and the ability to be part of the bourgeois culture in the town. Furthermore when he was given the chance to fit into the towns culture he rejects it to hold close to his own values. Besides, to support his values he is willing to…

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