Rape Preventive Measures

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Preventive Measures for Rape/Date Rape
For the first few weeks when people start college, all students hear are that they need to go to class and attend a date rape seminar. Not many students will take the time to actually go to one of those seminars to listen to people’s testimonials or the facts surrounding rape. Today, thanks to social media, the public does not even know what is legally considered rape. In today’s society, most victims blame themselves for getting raped. They question themselves; doubt their actions during the rape and wonder what would have changed if they had defended themselves. Learning self-defense techniques can help improve the chances of fighting off a perpetrator. There are numerous preventative measures that
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Most students do not learn these skills until it is either too late and they become a victim or they have been taught how to say no and fight back. A terrifying fact which was mentioned in College Dating and Abuse Final Study “1 in 5 college women has a college friend who was sexually abused by a partner” which just goes to show students that they cannot trust their new friends they are making or the long term friends attending college with them (2011). Would learning how to fight off the perpetrator help anyone should they come up in those types of situations? Truthfully, that would depend on the situation the individual is experiencing at the moment of the attack. There are, however, many different types of self-defense techniques like kickboxing, karate, akido, and jiu-jitsu. Kickboxing is one of the easiest, because it utilizes the strength of the lower body to attack the aggressor. Jiu-jitsu is the art of gentle yielding where a person uses the opponent’s energy against him by attacking the face, neck, joints, and feet. Akido is similar by utilizing the attacker’s momentum against them, whereas karate deflects attacks and confuses the attacker. However, these fighting styles take years to master. A self-defense class takes techniques from all different styles of martial arts and uses them specifically to teach people to defend themselves without having to master any specific form. While learning …show more content…
Students are never taught how to tell someone they were raped or how to fight off their perpetrator. Many people go through situations such as rape, in just the first semester of college. In fact, according Zoratti most “on-campus sexual assaults occur during the first eight weeks of classes” which in and of itself is a scary thought for those incoming students (Zoratti). Students are not taught how to act in certain situations or that there is resources in their neighborhoods to help them. If coaches learned about how to help and educate their students, then they could implement a system in their individual schools. Students listen to those coaches and teachers they look up to or spend a lot of time with, so educating them would be a proactive step toward making society as a whole much safer. In turn, these students can teach their friends and family about the measures to prevent rape and that hurting other people has consequences. In the article “Drug-facilitated sexual assault” by Bernadette Butler and Jan Welch, they state that “education should be aimed at men as well as women, so that both recognize their potential vulnerability, not only as victims but also as possible assailants” and even goes on to talk about what they should

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