Essay about Rape Culture And Its Effects On Society

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Rape culture is so prominent in society that every women has an experience where they felt sexually violated by a man; too often these stories are normalized and eventually women lose track of the amount of stories they have. This pattern allows rape culture to become a part of life, something society has grown to accept. Instead of teaching boy to not rape, society teaches girls how to avoid being raped; those times that girls are raped and sexually assaulted, instead of blaming the attacker, people blame the victim. Time after time, each sexual assault victim that has reported the crime has been blamed for the attack either by society or the legal system, or both. The victims are questioned and endure their lives being picked apart, in order for the world to find something they did wrong. Each story involves victims being blamed for their rape, instead of their attackers. There is an immense guilt that is put onto women who are victims of sexual assault, instead of receiving empathy, most times people toss around blame at the victims. There are numerous accounts of victims being accused of “asking for it” or questioning if “they liked it.” The difference between between the language used when talking about the victim of sexual assault varies greatly between that used to talk about the attacker.
The woman sexually assaulted by Brock Turner, later referred to by the pseudonym “Emily Doe,” wrote a letter to her attacker. She says, “I was pummeled with narrowed, pointed…

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